wılleke wendrıch

Scientific Responsible for Politecnico di Torino (POLITO) and full professor teaching Digital History. PhD in History and Critics of Architectural and Environmental Heritage (1993), Rosa Tamborrino is full professor in architectural history at the Interuniversity Department of Regional and Urban Studies and Planning (DIST) of Politecnico di Torino (POLITO) where she teaches Digital History. She is the POLITO Scientific Responsible in the professional Master programme “Heritage for rural regeneration”. She is an expert in urban and environmental history in its relations with cultural heritage, cultural landscapes, and memories, and the use of digital technologies for promoting culture in society. She has been Professeur Invitée at the École des Hautes Études en sciences sociales in Paris and Visiting Professor at the University of California, Los Angeles. In the H2020 project RURITAGE she is the leader of the development of the of the RURITAGE Atlas and the of WP5 for the digital resources ecosystem platform and responsible; Tasks Leader in the H2020 project SHELTER on resilience of historic areas for the activity of Cultural Heritage categorisation for disaster risk management analyses and local knowledge methodologies; PI of the MNEMONIC project on cultural and natural heritage response to COVID19 crisis. She served as President of the Italian Association of Urban History (AISU) from 2017 to 2022; member of the scientific committee of the Musées d’histoires et de sociétés de la Ville de Lyon; member of the City History Museum and Research Network of Europe based at Museum of Barcelona, member of the Doctoral Committee in Architectural and Landscape Heritage at POLITO and director since 2016 of the POLITO/DIST-UCLA/Cotsen Institut of Archaeology Joint Summer School ‘Cultural Heritage in Context, Digital technologies for the Humanities’ with Willeke Wendrich (UCLA); Author of over one hundred publications.

Willeke Wendrich (PhD 1999, Leiden University, the Netherlands) holds the Joan Silsbee Chair in African Cultural Archaeology and is professor of Egyptian Archaeology and Digital Humanities in the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures at UCLA. She has worked for 30 years in Egypt, has directed an archaeological project in Ethiopia. Her research interests are settlement archaeology and ancient craftmanship, with a strong focus on ethnoarchaeology and community archaeology. From 2012 to 2016 she was the Director of the Center for Digital Humanities and presently she directs the Cotsen Institute of Archaeology at UCLA. She is the President of the International Association of Egyptologists, the Editor-in-Chief of the online UCLA Encyclopedia of Egyptology, and Board member of the Institute for Field Research. Her latest books are Archaeology and Apprenticeship (University of Arizona Press, 2012) and The Desert Fayum Reinvestigated (CIoA Press, 2017).