In the framework of the Horizon Europe project ‘’RESILIAGE, Advancing holistic understanding of community RESILIence and heritAGE drivers through community-based methodologies'', the international Summer School research training deals with large scale and composite cultural natural heritage areas in particular vulnerable regions through a digital approach.


It will focus on ”Heritage -driven Community resilience” by identifying and interpreting long-lasting human/historic environment interactions and surveying their potential as drivers for fostering community resilience. Historical and physical layers, including architectural, landscape and archaeological characterisations will be investigated and related to intangible values and local knowledge for enhancing natural and anthropic risk awareness in historic environments.


For this purpose, bottom-up processes will be tackled in real international cases by engaging representatives of local communities to co-investigate heritage-driven community resilience. Digital tools will be explored, customised, and eventually prototyped to support the research processes. The intensive international summer school program will equip participants with skills to gain a holistic heritage-led approach

to large-scale scale historic areas at risk. Participants with the teaching team will work on creating critical narratives and experiencing

digital tools for supporting the process.


The field will be explored in a multidisciplinary international seminar framework with experts from large spectrum of expertise from different universities, heritage organisations, and local community representatives building a collaborative research approach. Integrating social sciences and digital technologies and their practical and theoretical inputs, participants will explore how to work with local communities to shape/reshape collective memories, cultural natural heritage understanding, its characterisation, and visualisation. The case studies frame European and non-European regions.


Capitalising on previous editions we’ve created a Permanent International Seminar and Collaborative Workshop and will continue to feed digital and heritage-led research strategies, in this edition with a special focus on community resilience in vulnerable historic areas.


 Heritage-driven Community Resilience

Six endangered cultural natural sites